World War III

What will Happen and Who will Support Whom?

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During Moscow’s ongoing massive military operation against Ukraine, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned Wednesday of a third world war’s “nuclear and devastating” consequences. Read the article to determine if there will be a World War III and who will support whom.

World War 3

According to state-owned TASS, Russia’s longtime top diplomat responded to the possibility of a third world war by saying that it would be devastating.

As U.S. President Joe Biden said, a third World War would be a better alternative to Washington’s tough sanctions against Moscow. Asked if he was surprised that sanctions were being imposed against athletes and journalists, Lavrov said that Russia was ready for any sanctions imposed against it.

He commented, referring to the ban and sanctions imposed by Western countries, that athletes, intellectuals, actors, and journalists would be the targets of the sanctions. He claimed that “dictators” like Vladimir Putin must “pay the price” for invading another country during his inaugural State of the Union address on Tuesday night.

Russia has been banned from using US airspace after being invaded by the United States. According to a Qatar-based news channel, Lavrov said the special operation against Ukraine was designed to prevent Kyiv from buying nuclear arms.

According to the channel, Russia would not allow Ukraine to obtain nuclear weapons. It quoted him as saying that the military operation in Ukraine is aimed at disarming the country.

Despite Ukraine’s obligations under the Budapest Memorandum, which stipulated that the country hand over nuclear weapons in exchange for security guarantees, President Vladimir Zelensky has not discounted the possibility of Kyiv revising those obligations.

World war 3: Who Will Support Whom?

My knowledge about this topic is somewhat limited, but I will give it my best shot. World War 3 would not be fought by every country on Earth. Truthfully, most South American, African, and Oceanian countries and a good number of Asian countries wouldn’t fight each other. It was only because colonial powers ruled so many countries that WW2 involved many countries.

World War III

I’m not exactly sure what the cause of a World War 3 might be, but I’m going to assume that each country’s economic and military status is as it is now. If the conflict starts in Asia (around Taiwan, the South China Sea, or South Korea) or in the Middle East (around Israel, Iraq, or Iran), it would most likely be in Asia or the Middle East.

Watch how many people died in World War 2

This video shows the comparison of the number of casualties in the second world war with the help of 3D animation.

Team USA

  • The U.S.A.
  • The European Union. Due to their NATO obligations, they are obligated to side with the U.S. against a democratically elected country. There are four primary sources of military power:
  • France 
  • The U.K. 
  • Italy 
  • Germany 
  • Israel – This country, too, will surely side with the U.S. as most of their enemies will be on the other side of the conflict. They receive most of their weapons from the U.S., their strongest ally.
  • Canada- A democratic country located near the U.S. On par with Europe.
  • Taiwan – The war may start due to their invasion, so they will undoubtedly side with the countries that recognize them.
  • Japan – We have had Japan as an ally since WWII and China as our enemy. Japan would side with the U.S.
  • South Korea – Located right next to China and adjacent to North Korea. Just like Taiwan, they’ll support the U.S. when the fighting starts.
  • Saudi Arabia – It’s a democracy, but they will fight Iran. Friends are enemies of enemies.

Team Russia/China

  • Russia
  • China
  • Iran – The USA and Israel consider them enemies, and the Russians back them. This site will no doubt ally with them.
  • North Korea – This country is allied with China and Russia, and they want to take over the southern half of the country.

There might be a few I’ve missed, but I think these are the most prominent players. Here are my thoughts on what would happen in such a conflict.

The Cold War or World War 3?

Two things will be assumed to make this scenario work.

  • The situation does not involve nuclear weapons.
  • Team Russia/China is the aggressor.

Iran is very likely to attempt to attack Israel as well. If this were to happen, it would be catastrophic. With an effectively coordinated strike between Israel, Saudi Arabia, and U.S. military forces, the Iranian military would be crippled and forced to surrender.

Already, the U.S. war machine is churning. U.S. Navy forces have steamed towards Japan from the Pacific, deploying in full force. Large ground troops are crossing the Atlantic as part of American reinforcements in Europe. The tides are turning as now ground troops are arriving.

The U.S. navy dwarfs the Chinese so that Chinese forces will be pushed back. Taiwan, the Philippines, and South Korea will be freed over time. The U.S. may send troops if China refuses to submit. Nevertheless, U.S. and European forces in Eastern Europe will have driven the Russian Army back to Moscow at that time.

As of now, four outcomes are possible.

  • Russia and China will negotiate a truce that allows them to continue their trade, but with less power and influence than previously.
  • Team USA indeed invaded Russia and China, dismantling their governments and replacing them with “democratic” ones. However, I cannot guarantee that these governments will function well.
  • When backed into a corner, Russia and China launch their nuclear weapons and cannot win.
  • All of this seems unlikely. I simplified the answer to avoid further complications. It would not be as I predicted if World War 3 happened. A small amount of fighting is also likely to bring peace if war breaks out since nobody wants to see a war between the major powers. The Middle East will likely see fewer proxy wars.